The Peak Performance Mindset® VIP Retreat

September 1-3, 2020
Four Seasons Resort
Orlando, FL
FAQ About the Peak Performance Mindset Retreat
Why should I consider attending?

This retreat has one mission: To improve your Mindset Effectiveness. You will learn science-based tools that will help you achieve optimal cognitive, emotional, and physical functioning.

What exactly will I get out of this experience?

You will get
  • Transformative insights from your peers
  • Transformative coaching from the faculty
  • Transformative experiences. You can choose two of four options: Tandem hang-gliding, tandem skydiving, a hole-in-one golf challenge, an i-Fly experience (indoor skydiving).
Each experience is designed to help you break through inner barriers. And each experience will help you face tougher challenges in real life.

The only thing you need to bring is the courage to step off the digital treadmill and discover a fresh perspective on your career, your personal and professional goals, and your future success and happiness.

The best part is that you'll benefit from the collective intelligence and emotional support of an amazing group of your peers. Walk away with high quality connections and an accountability partner who will encourage your no-limit growth.

Do I need to buy additional materials or courses to apply what I learned?

This isn't an event where speakers are invited to pitch and sell, but a personal and professional development retreat that uniquely focuses on creating a Peak Performance Mindset. There is no back-end sale or a "Master Class" to buy. You will get a 100-page workbook that contains 10 chapters of powerful content as well as practical worksheets and self-assessments. Most participants complete one chapter a week for 10 weeks.

Do you have sponsors that sell related products or services?

This retreat has no sponsors. This is a pitch-free environment.

What follow-up coaching is included?

You will get invited to participate in a video Zoom conference within 60 days after the retreat, where you will be able to share your progress and ask any questions. You can also submit your questions to any member of the faculty by email.

You can also attend a second retreat within 12 months for only half price and go through the same experience with a new group of attendees.

What should I wear?

All presentations take place in enclosed, air-conditioned rooms set to a comfortable temperature (if you run cold, you may want to bring a light sweater or jacket).

If you plan to golf, bring clothing appropriate for a golf course. For other physical activities, wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing (layers are recommended). All meals are casual dress. The overall goal is to feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready to learn.

Will I have to practice meditation or guided imagery?

Although mindfulness is an ancient practice, it is fairly new in the U.S. Some people say, "This isn't for me," or, "I can't sit still," or, "This is an escape from reality," or, "This sounds like a religious practice."

The best way to think about mindfulness is to consider it a tool that helps you train your mind to see yourself and the world with greater clarity, so you can make better decisions on a personal and professional level.

Many of our graduates practice a simple 10-minute exercise every morning. They have reported that it improves their mental ability and creativity, and it makes them more effective in handling the stress that's inevitable in everyday life. During the retreat we spend a little over an hour teaching you a few basic tools that will help you
  1. Increase awareness of your (negative) self-talk
  2. Learn that you are not your thoughts
  3. Learn to focus on the present moment to achieve greater clarity
  4. Learn how to stop judging yourself
What will the people in the group be like?

Every member of the group will be selected after an initial interview where we explore your personal and professional goals and mutually decide if this is a good fit for you and the participants. We purposely keep the group size between 15-25 to optimize the experience for the presenters and the members of the group.

The majority of the attendees are in leadership roles. Past attendees included the following titles: CEO, SVP, VP Sales, CRO, Sales Enablement Manager, Sales Manager, Ph.D, College Professor, Consultant, Author, and National Speaker.

What if I feel uncomfortable with the exercises or activities?

All participation is completely voluntary, and we will not pressure you to do anything. If you don't like to drive a high-performance car or jump out of an airplane, no worries; we have designed a number of creative Mindset challenges like Lego Serious Play and confidence building NLP exercises. You are always free to come and go – and take breaks if you need to.

What if I need individual attention or coaching?

This can be arranged – either spontaneously between sessions or by appointment during the event. The faculty members will be happy to answer your questions by email after the retreat.

How will I be able to connect with other participants after the retreat?

Every participant will receive a pdf with the profiles of each participant as well as a link to their LinkedIn profile.

What do past participants say about the Mindset retreat?

"This weekend retreat changed my life." (CEO, Tech company, Denver CO)

"I learned from many others. I only see dreams and possibilities and nothing else. The weekend changed me forever." (Director Sales Academy, Singapore)

"The word retreat doesn't do it justice. This was more of an awakening." (VP Sales Enablement and Sales Operations, New York)

"I discovered that I was operating at a much lower level of energy and focus. I realized that I have a lot more gas in the tank." (CEO, Tech company, Seattle, WA)

"This has been a life-changing event for me. When I broke the one-inch pine board, I wrote ‘procrastination' across the board. I keep the two broken pieces in my office as a reminder. I enjoy my new ‘do it now' habit." (Entrepreneur, Newport Beach, CA)

"This was a beautifully composed retreat. I enjoyed every moment." (Psychiatrist, San Francisco)

"I almost doubled the long-standing sales record in my company. I got a promotion and I am now managing a team of 12 salespeople. I have shared these new techniques and positively impacted many people." (VP Sales, Denver, CO)

"I realized that you can't get what you want without letting go of what's holding you back. I let go of my self-limiting beliefs.

"Your Mindset is more important than your bank account. And the investment in this retreat is like an advance toward a Mindset that will work for you, every day in the future. You will move confidently towards your goals while enjoying life at its fullest." (Author, Speaker, Phoenix, AZ)

What companies have participated in Peak Performance Mindset Programs?

Merill Corp.

Can I become a Peak Performance Mindset trainer or coach?

Yes, we run a one day train the trainer program once a year. We certified over 50 trainers and they shared the program with over 10,000 salespeople. Ask for details.

Any questions: Email