Jamie Crosbie is the founder and CEO of Proactivate.net. In this video she shares her experience with teaching a group of 30 CEO's how to create a Peak Performance Mindset.

What they say about the Peak Performance Mindset Training:

"The mindset of our salespeople is equally as important as their skill set. Peak Performance Mindset, which helps build a positive and optimistic mindset, was well received by our top sales professionals as a way to help further boost their sales performance."
-- Todd Albright, Chief Revenue Officer, Merrill Corporation

"Gerhard, you have created a master work and set a new higher standard in the field of Mindset training. This will truly transform lives. I recall the impact that Think and Grow Rich, the Greatest Salesman in the World and The Strangest Secret had on my life. Those concepts allowed me to evolve to a whole new level of success and meaning that none of my relatives had achieved before me. I am mightily impressed by the powerful and substantive content of your Peak Performance Mindset training. It helped me get to my next level of success."
-- Jim Cathcart, CSP, Bestselling author

"I nearly doubled the team sales record. Shifting my mindset, not settling for hitting or slightly beating quota, and instead striving to double what anyone else that's part of this team has ever done in a month had had a great impact on my results!"
-- Jim Sexton, Senior Account Manager

"By applying the visualization practices and developing a positive mindset and belief in my abilities, I got a hole-in-one on the very first hole. Not only did that experience forever change my confidence to my golf game, but I brought that empowered mindset to the workplace."
-- Christine Hanks, Account Manager

"I learned what it takes to think like a peak performer. A person's mindset truly impacts their performance. I can't wait to incorporate this in my own sales training classes."
-- Ron S. Lavine, MBA and CEO

"Shifting to a positive mindset in life may seem impossible; we are so used to the opposite. Gerhard provided the right amount of data and inspiration to get us on this new path. Gerhard has taken the principles of self-development, neuro-science, positive psychology and mindfulness and packaged this into a roadmap for sales professionals so they can achieve tangible results."
-- Freya Boulakbeche, Director Mid-Market

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